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While importing Oracle dump you get IMP-00010 not a valid export file

While importing Oracle backup ,If you get import error in oracle dump

"IMP-00010: not a valid export file, header failed verification IMP-00000: Import terminated


First need to check the oracle version. Export and Import database should be within the same version
or higher.

The cause according to Oracle error description is “Either the file was not generated by Export or it was
corrupted”. The first obvious reason might be that the file is corrupted. However, if you downloaded it
correctly (using binary transfer in the FTP as opposed to ASCII transfer) and you have no other reason
to believe that the file is indeed corrupted. You might want to explore other options.

Different versions of the import utility are upwards compatible. This means that one can take an export
file created from an old export version, and import it using a later version of the import utility

The most common reason for this error is mismatch of IMP and EXP versions.

Eg: If Dum is taken from oracle 11 G it can be imported in 11G or higher only.

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