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System Performance

Windows Pc Performance
Module Check-1
1). Open the Task Manager.

2). Right-click the Task bar and select the Task Manger.

3). Select the performance Tab.

4). Check the CPU usage and PF Usage.
-If the CPU usage is nearing or stands 100%, then check for which process consumes more cpu(step 6)

5). Check the Size of the Physical Memory total and available free.
-If available memory is very low(less than 250mb) & PF usage is more than total physical memory , then
check for which process consumed more memory (step 9)

6). Select the processes Tab.

7). Click the CPU column.

8) Note the CPU usage of specific Processes in percentage(%).

9) Click the Mem usage column in the process tab.

10) Note the memory usage of Specific processes in Kilobytes(K).

a). Please those more consumed process/memory in antivirus software, whether the process and its subordinates are blocked . If denied by the antivirus software, please analyse the process carefully before allowing in exclusion.

b). Check for total paging file(swap file) size must be double times the total physical memory available.

c). Check for C drive disk Freespace available,atleast 2gb minimum depends on total physical memory.

d). Check for minimum 1gb free Gb free space in softwares installed drives (D / E / F )

e). Check the dumped data on the desktop other than shortcut icons should be very very few files of withing 500mb. If more dumped data exists, it stay resides on physical memory every time refreshes to display desktop items.

f) Still the application is affected with performance issue, please contact the software development.

Note: Screenshots attached for your references.

Following settings also checked:-
1).Windows auto update should be OFF. Manual update is preferred on required period.

2).Check whether Antivirus scanner not expired and uptodate definitions.

Note: Due to autoupdate, application software crashes unknown of your knowledge.

Linux Pc Performance
1). Open the Konsole

2). Type top command

3). To analysis the CPU usage, type shift + p.
-Processes sorted based on more cpu consumed process.
-Note it.

4). To analysis the Memory Usage, type shift + m.
-More Memory consuming process sorted
-Note it.

5). To analysis the command line running location of the process, type c
-Check for process which consumed more cpu/memory in the location of.

6). Type free command to check the Physical Memory.
-free -m
-Total physical memory free must be more than 250mb.

1). Check for corresponding process service logs based on cpu/memory consumed more.
- Analyse the log for any errors and discuss with software vendor team

2) Check for atleast 1gb of disk space available in home , root and usr partitions
- Use du -sh * in konsole prompt
- If almost 100% disk usage, clear dumped unwanted files/folders exists.

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