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How to change sales bill printing font Roman to Draft font.

==> Issue Description <==

How to change sales bill printing font.
Roman Font to Draft font.


* Customer says i give one sales bill print, But printing is very slow.

==> Now check the Printing whether the printing font is Roman Font or draft font.
==> if it's Roman font you should change Roman Font to Draft Font


==>Go to Start ==> Control Panel ==>Printers and Faxes ==> select correct printer
Now Right click the printer icon => Go to Printer Properties.
Now showing one Printer Properties window => select printing Preferences =>Now showing another window => Now select Advanced
Now check and set Print Quality : Draft Quality and press ok Button.

If you have any doubts please see the below image

Now your sales bill print in Draft Quality. now you get print for quickly

Thanks & Regards
Support Coordinator

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