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Error in Procedure:ProdActivationCheck error #91: Object variable or With block variable not set

While logging in Raymedi RE6 if you facing the following error message.

" Error in procedure:ProdActivationCheck, error #91: Object variable or With block variable not set "
due to regional language settings are changed to some other settings needs to reset to default settings.

See the LogChk Information :
Date : 17/11/11 17:33:39
ErrNo : 13
ErrMessage : Type mismatch
ErrEvent : ProdActivationCheck

See the reference image :

The problem occurs due to Regional Language normal settings changed to some other language

See the Below Reference image how the settings are changed to other settings.

Reset the Regional Language settings as default settings with the help of RayMedi doctor or changing
manually, then open the RayMedi Application problem will be resolved.

For Further assistance please contact your Product Experts


Sivaraaj G

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