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NetTradeApache Service not started..?

NetTradeApache service is not Starting:

Error Throwing as:

System error 14001: windows cannot start the service, may be reinstalling of the application will fix the problem

and also while trying to Unistall or install NetTradeApache

"The system cannot execute the specified program" Error:

for this:

You are trying to run some program on Windows (such as apache.exe or htpasswd.exe) and you are getting "The system cannot execute the specified program" error. This usually means that the program you are trying to run was compiled against DLLs that are not on your system. You should use Dependency Walker to see which DLLs are missing, and then install them.

To Download Dependency Walker:

Use the Dependency walker to verify the missing files related to your files you are using(In our case use the apache.exe file to verify the missing dll)

We used and found: Msvcr90.dll is missing

To resolve the above issue Please download the following exe and run it:

The Apache 2.x binary windows distribution, specifically, was compiled against the Visual Studio 2005 re-distributable package,
which you can download from microsoft.

compiled against the Visual Studio 2008 re-distributable package:

* Dependency walker can be used to find the missing DLL
* vcredist_x86.exe can be used to fix the issue(in our case missing dll Msvcr90.dll was solved)

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