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Installing & Configuring EarnSmart on your Mobile Device


This article gives you the understanding on how to Install and Configure EarnSmart, the Mobile App for your Distribution Business
[for Commercial License(s) Purchased from GoFrugal Store]

I. Pre-requisite:

1. Place Order for EarnSmart (Refer: click on Buy Now from this webpage to order EarnSmart ). Please skip this step if you have ordered already

2. Business Server

2.1 DE 5 or DE 6 with latest service pack (5732 SP-6 or above / 6008 or above)
2.2 Internet Connection (Static / Dynamic IP)
2.3 RayMedi WebReporter (Minimum Trial Edition Required)
2.4 Configure Dynamic DNS in case of a dynamic IP account (Refer:

3. Mobile device

3.1 Tablet / Mobile Phone with Android 4.0 or above
3.2 Internet access via 3G SIM Card ONLY and NOT via 3G Dongle

II. Steps to install:

1. @ RayMedi DE

1.1 Run the Company EXE in WebReporter application path and select the company name(s) that you would like to use EarnSmart
1.2 In DE, Executive Master > enable Web Access for the Sales Reps who are going to take orders / receipts from Mobile Devices loaded with EarnSmart. Don't forget to set the Password for Reps
1.3 Set Configuration for the REPS @ Security > User Security > Create a separate group for selected reps and Set Options as similar like new users
1.4 Restart DE software

2. @ EarnSmart, Mobile App

2.1 Click on the link that you received from GoFrugal Store through SMS / E-mail and download the Apk file
2.2 Once EarnSmart gets installed successfully, open EarnSmart and go to Settings screen
2.3 Provide the Server IP or Server Name and Port Number as 8282. The IP No in case of a Fixed IP or Server Name in case of Dynamic IP as registered @ (Dynamic DNS - Refer:
2.4 Tap on Proceed button @ EarnSmart Settings page to save and continue
2.5 Provide user credentials to proceed (Sales Rep's User Name & Password)

III. Other Configurations:

1. In case, the Distribution Business expect it's customers to authorize the Receipt while they make payments to the Sales Reps,

1.1 Refer to the EXE that creates Web Access to the customers
1.2 The EXE file is available in DE application path (EarnSmartUser.exe)
1.3 Please run this exe and give password [get the password from DE Support]
1.4 This EXE provides the authentication facility for customers
1.5 In fact, this EXE configures the default password as same as customer's code (801xxxx)
1.6 The customer is expected to change his password while making his FIRST PAYMENT through EarnSmart
1.7 The customer has the choice to make it a Fixed Password or a One Time Password for every transaction

2. Please refer to DE > Tools > Options > EarnSmart Tab

2.1 There are 7 configurations for EarnSmart as such and the Data Port is NOT TO BE CHANGED
2.2 The configurations can be set for each Sales Rep individually or for the Sales Rep GROUP

IV. Limitations:

1. You cannot take the Sales Orders for multiple companies in the same SO like that of WebOrder. Any how, you can choose one company at a time and take the Orders and then select another company to take orders
2. Packing concept is not supported which is used commonly in F&B / Oil & Lubricant distribution businesses
3. Offer details managed through Offer Management Module is NOT integrated with EarnSmart Order Process (i.e.) the Sales Representative taking the Order cannot get the details of Offers as created through Offer Management. Any how, the Offer Slabs are 100% supported from EarnSmart V 1.0 release eg. Buy A for XX qty and get A X qty as Free; Buy A for XX qty and get Y% as Product Discount

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