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Important points to be Remembered while offline setup and trouble shooting

1) After installing Mozilla 3.5.7 disable the auto update .
2)Change the Mozilla browser's home page to any other site other than the Mozilla Home page (Update button is available on that page so possibility of update).
3)Check if able to access the offline folders, If not able to access the offline folders ask customer to give permissions to the login user(windows user)
4)Educate customers that offline billing should be done only from one user login and multiple login billing will create problem . We don't have any validation on this so this is very important as it may lead to many problems like incorrect inventory and bill sequence and incorrect data in some analysis reports.
5)Ask customer to always verify the system date before starting offline billing and set the correct date and time.
6)Always wait for 100% download before switching to offline. To be double sure ask customer to refresh the browser once and wait for 100% download once the last transaction is completed and make sure no transactions are done to that particular sore during the download period.
7)If browser is updated by any means please take a back up the offline data base before downgrading.
8)If offline upload fails ask customer to stop further offline billing and contact support for data upload.
9)Ask customer not to bill simultaneously in both offline and online( using anywhere user) as it will create inventory and seq mismatch issues.


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