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Detach process (How to remove specific financial year data)

Detach process (How to remove specific financial year data)

While you have a more number of financial Year for any company and you want to delete the company's Specific Financial year, you can use the detach feature in Trac.

Steps to follow for detaching:

1). In Accounts, select the Company and Financial year from settings , or double click the company name present in right side top.

2). Select the Company, for detaching.

Note:You need to have more than one Financial year for detach. You can not detach the current financial of the company which you are using now.

3). click detach.It will ask selected company /All company. if you want to detach all Companies financial year details (except current financial year) , you can select : select all company , other wise select " selected company, It will detach the selected company financial year. Then click detach

4. It will ask the password for detaching.

Password: GFT123

5.Then it will take back up the financial year what is selected for detach . and it will delete that Financial Year.

Note: After you did the year end only this process happens.Otherwise detach operation is not allowed to do this process.

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