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Bills are not getting adjusted repeatedly (or) Adjusting Sales return/purchase return with sales/purchase bills (or) Adjusting Onaccount entries with some sales or purchase bills

Dear Team,

In general, Bill wise Receipt, if you adjust the the positive and negative amount evenly, It will save in adjustment mode. In this case, It will not shown in Ledger Report by default.

Commonly, Positive amount is coming from Sales/ Purchase Bill and Negative amount is coming from Sales Return/ Purchase Return or ONAC Correspondingly.

For example:

While adjusting the sales bill and Sales Return/ONAC , It will place to adjustment mode in bill wise receipt screen. It will not allow to modify that bill again after you click save.

ie. Adjust the -ve amount and +ve amount Uniformly . It is saved in Adjustment voucher type. By default, This adjustment entry is not reflected in Ledger Report. same for Purchase bill with -ve value adjustment.

Before enable the Configuration,

In ledger Report Configuration is there for viewing the adjustment entries .That is,

" Show Adjustment Vouchers Also"

After Enable the Configuration,

If you enable this Configuration, you can see the adjustment details also in ledger report.You can delete this entry by double click this entry(drill down).


Modification is not allowed for these kind of adjustment entries. It can allow only deleting this entries. From transaction screen, Press Delete function key the adjustment entry will be displayed as zero amount. Choose the entry and confirm to delete.

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