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Automatic Cheque number generation is not working/Usage of cheque book master/ cheque leaf

Dear Team,

Process of creating cheque books:

1). Goto Master -> ledger master, create the Bank ledgers(In which bank you have account) in the group of Bank account/Bank occ account.

2). Select the bank for which bank you want to store the cheque leaves details.

3). Then, Open Master -> Cheque book, and enter the cheque leaves strating number and number of leaves it has, End number should automatically generate based on starting number and number of leaves you entered.

4). Click save

Note: Actually, Cheque book is used for suppliers,distributers. Because for giving Payment purpose they will use this feature.So it is handled in Payment screen,(Single/Double/Billwise).To Activate the Cheque book range for specific Bank, you should enable the below configuration.

"Allow chq.Nos within Name"

Now,Each time it should ask the Chqno within the cheque leaves for specified Bank.

If you enable this configuration, the cheque payments will be allowed only within this cheque range only.

Another Solution is also there for mention the cheque leaves in payment window. i.e.when you are doing the payment for specific Bank, you entered the starting cheque leaf number present in the cheque book, it should increment by one for consequent payment entries involved in this bank.

Usage of counter foil reports:

In Counterfoil Reports, cheque book details should come.It will display all the cheque leaf numbers for particular bank which you entered in cheque book.

It is also displaying for specific company alone how many cheques leaves issued,issued date, cleared date, Amount to be paid, which are the cheques cancelled, and what are the cheque leaves there to do the payment. It is helpful to identify the current status of cheque leaves for particular bank.

Cheque leaf cancellation:

if cheque number is cancelled means , you can delete that cheque number alone by using the "cancel "(shortcut key). So it will not be displayed in payment screen for that specific company alone.

Issuing Empty cheque leaf:

If want to issue the Empty cheque leaf to some party, it can be done by the option available in Cheque counter foil report. Goto Reports -> Banking/cheque reports -> Cheque counter foil report -> Select the desired cheque book. Select the cheque(s) by pressing Space bar (a tick mark will be appeared). Press the Function 'Chq.Issue' (F6), select the party name. Whenever you see the Cheque counter foil report, the empty cheque issued details will be shown.

After issuing to supplier

This same cannot be used while making the payment also.

Thanks and Regards,

S. Karthikai selvi
Trac Team- Quality Analyst

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