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Trial balance is not tallying

Dear Team,

Check List:

1. In Trail Balance Report, Check whether any entries are there in 'Difference in opening balance'. If any thing is there, it
has to be corrected first.

In Trail Balance:

In Opening Balance Entry Sheet:

2. Check if any last year transaction is there, and check if last year transaction also the same opening balance mismatch
is available.

In Trail Balance:

3. If mismatch is there in last year, it has to be corrected at there itself.
4. If no mismatch is there in last year, but available in current year alone, need to do Year end process.

After Year End:

In Trail Balance

In Opening Balance:

5. Check if user modified the current year opening balance manually or not. if you modified , then you should find what
modifications done in current year by comparing last year balance sheet with detailed mode and current year opening

If difference is there, you can compare the Last year balance sheet with current year opening Balance

Balance Sheet:

Opening Balance Entry Sheet:

Thanks and Regards,

S.Karthikai selvi,
Trac Team- Quality Analyst

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