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Proper Baton Passing

Hi Team,

This article is about the most important skill to have as a member of any GoFrugal team. But for Presales, this skill is
mandatory to acquire. Its called "Proper Baton Passing"

Before you proceed, I strongly recommend you to watch this video -

"How_too_many_rules_at_work_keep_you_from_getting_things_done " , A Ted talk by Yves Morieux

Now let's start the discussion:

What is a baton : Its simple. Whenever any person assigns / requests work from another person a baton is
being passed. For example, Presales qualify a lead and assign a next action of work to Inside Sales/Field
sales. The method of passing the baton should 95% be SAM / myDelight entry and 5% in some cases, can be a chat
message, it could be an email and it could even be a conversation. At the end of the engagement, if the person who has
to do the work HAS ALL THE INFORMATION NECESSARY to do the work i.e he understands very clearly what is expected
of him, what his deliverable are, what is the priority of the work, what is the expected time to complete the work etc. This
way, the person who has to do the work gets his own track to run on and can deliver quality work quickly

How do I assess the quality of the baton generally:

1. What needs to be done
2. Why it needs to be done
3. Urgency of the work
4. How it has to be done, if there are suggestions / recommendations
5. Impact / Benefit of doing it
6. The context of the work so that the context help establish urgency, priority and leads to quality and timely
7. Is the work assigned to the right person ?
8. Is the work assigned through the right / best tool ?

Based on the above, your batons will be rated Live, Sick, Dead, Dropped.

A Live baton- All the above mentioned necessary information is present
A Sick baton : A sick baton means some information is missing. The person who is assigned the work has a
dependency now. Such dependencies delays work
A Dead baton - When an information communicates nothing relevant.
A Dropped baton - When no action was taken.

Now let me explain all the above from Presales perspective :-

A Live baton- Mandatory necessary information to be taken while assigning a prospect :-

1) Name and Address of the Business validated
2) Name of the POC (Point of contact) and his/her role
3) Duration of his business
4)Current Business Process
5) Current Business Challenges
6) Current requirements/expectations
7) Budget and time period of purchase.
8) Preferred date of demo
9) Any special comment/suggestion for the demo

A Sick baton : Any prospect assigned without any of the above information is a sick baton. For example, if you
assign a prospect without the address, your sales member will either have to call you or the customer back for it. Work

A Dead baton - Any prospect assigned with all irrelevant information. For example - "spoke to this lead, wanted
a demo, please follow"

A Dropped baton - Let me introduce - "The No Pending Rule" here, so if a lead registers today and if he is not
called back within today, its dropped.

Your skill & performance both are a function of the number of Live batons you pass. It promotes simplicity of work and
builds trust across the whole team


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