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I am yet to do purchase entry for the goods received. But, customers are waiting to buy them. What should I do to sell the product at the same time get the bill from the computer ?

(i) If the Item to be sold has an existing batch stock, then select the item in Bill Entry Screen and Press F4. You will have the Stock Updation Grid displayed. Press F10 from inside the Stock Updation Grid and add provide Batch details such as MRP, Tax, I/U, Batch No, Expiry Date etc. (ii) If the item has zero stock and does not have any batch record, then just select the item name from the LOV in Bill Entry Screen. You will be prompted with a message "Stock for the item [x] does not exist. Do you want to update the Stock? Yes/No" choose yes for the message and enter batch details in the stock updation grid and press F4 to save the entries. While making the actual purchase entry, you will be prompted with a message while selecting the items for which you have had added Temporary Stock, (iii) You also have Temporary Stock Addition screen to update stock temporarily and sell it immediately. Stock entered and sold will automatically be adjusted when you enter a purchase entry for the item for the given distributor

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