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When a sales return is taken, what are the different policy a trader can have to handle the return ? How are they supported in our product ?

1. If the Retailer has a practice to issue a Bill for every sale that he makes, he would naturally expect his customer to produce the Bill while returning the goods. In RE, you have an option inside Configure - Billing - Advanced screen "Make Bill No Mandatory For Sales Return". If this option is enabled, you must select the Bill Number and can receive returns only for those items that are sold through the bill selected. 2. Some retailers may follow a policy like "No Cash for Returns Made" so the customer has to buy some other items for the value of items that he actually returns. This can be handled in Bill Entry screen itself. Press F8 in Bill Entry Screen, select the item and batch number. The quantity that you enter will be in negative value (i.e) Sales Return transaction will be generated for such items and the value of the Item that you bill will get adjusted against the Sales Return values

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