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What is a replacement item & how is it handled ?

Sometimes, the Supplier/Distributor gives the same item or some other item as replacement to the items that the retailer had returned. In such cases, the retailer has to make the Purchase Return/Expiry Return entry and in the Purchase Entry screen, have to select the Purchase Type as "RP - Replacement" and continue with the entries asusual like a purchase entry. If the supplier has replaced only part of the items returned, then delete the items from the list that has not been adjusted. So that it will remain with the status Returned and can be adjusted on a later point of time. If the Distributor has adjusted the returns in the form of a Credit Note and has adjusted it in the Invoice, you may press F4 and change the Tag column for the Adjusted items to 'D' so that a debit note also gets generated and invoice amount gets tallied

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