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How do I update cut strips / loose items or items that will not be taken as return by the supplier ? (Please answer for inventory)

After returning the items that are in strips, you will have only the loose quantity for the expired stock. Look at Expiry Report for the period for which you returned the items and note down the value. Now, open Stock Updation Master - choose Expiry Date option - give From & To date - the items for which the expiry date falls between the given dates will be filtered and be displayed inside the grid. If you want to remove all the records being populated, double click on the column "Remove" and confirm the message. Press and and save the entries. In order to have the value reflected as loss in accounts, you may create a supplier named DEAD STOCK and raise a Debit Note (Purchase Return) Voucher for the value of the Expiry Stock removed from Stock Updation Master (Note: Note down the value of the Expiry Stock through Expiry Report before removing the same from Stock Updation Master screen)

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