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How do I cancel a purchase return ? What happens to stock when a purchase return is cancelled ? What happens to accounts when a purchase return is cancelled ?

You have 2 different ways to cancel a Purchase Return. 1) Open Purchase Returns screen - Press key twice key once - click the button "Enq PR/ERs" - select the Distributor name from the list - list of items returned to the distributor will be populated inside the grid - change the "Tag" column to "C" for the records that you wish to cancel - press and save the entries. 2) In Purchase Entry screen, press from inside the grid. You will have the Purchase Return Adjustment grid displayed with a list of Items returned. Change the "Tag" column to "C" and press once you save the purchase entry, the Purchase Return for which you have changed the "Tag" column to "C" will get cancelled automatically. Stock will get increased for the items for which you have cancelled the Purchase Return transaction. The Debit Note raised for the Purchase Return made will get cancelled automatically when the Purchase Return is cancelled

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