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Troubleshooting Barcode Printer

Problem: If you try to give the print command from DOS prompt, there will not be any response. But if you give a print command from a notepad, the same will be printed [barcode printer]

  • The printer was cheked with about 7 PCs with Windows XP and gave the same result - print did not came from DOS.

  • But when we checked with a receipt printer, the printout did came. We just plugged out the cable from barcode printer and plugged into the receipt printer and saw it printing from DOS mode

  • We also checked with

    • Printer Properties, Print Preferences
    • Device Manager Settings - verified the Port
    • Noted down the IRQ No and checked the same with Bios.
    • Changed the settings for LPT1 in Bios
    • Reinstalled the Printer Driver
    • I even tried the solution suggested by our team for conversion tool for dos printing etc. ---- but of no use

The Actual Solution is to change the Print Processor setting which is under the Advanced tab of the Printer Properties window. You need to change the Default Data Type in the Print Processor window

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