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Windows AVG Virus scanner - performance issues

We can enhance the performance by few configuration settings. Some settings to be changed are change the scheduled scan time, scheduled virus update time, scheduled avg package update time and using of exception option(to allow the required application) in the resident shield , ... etc.

Follow the steps for adding the "Excludes for Resident Path" for "RPOS" product.

Step 1 : Open AVG
Step 2 : Click on Overview
Step 3 : Click on Resident Shield
Step 4 : Click on Manage Exceptions
Step 5 : Check "Use Excludedes for Resident Path"
Step 6 : Click on Add path
Step 7 : Select the RPOS Database Path (check box should be selected)
Step 8 : Click Ok
Step 9 : Click Save Changes
Step 10 : Close and restart the application / System.

Refer the attachment for more details.

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