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Upgrade MSDE 2000 to MSDE 2000 SP4

Procedure to upgrade MSDE to MSDE SP4 :-

Download the 'SQL2000.MSDE-KB884525-SP4-x86-ENU.EXE' file from the below

Run that exe. The files will be extracted in a folder. In the command
prompt from that extracted folder: type the command as follows:

setup /upgradesp sqlrun /L*v C:\MSDELog.log

It will be upgraded the MSDE to MSDE SP4

Note: Before upgrading you can check as follows whether SP4 is already

Goto command prompt >> osql -U sa -P Fiduciary
> select serverproperty('productversion') (If it returns as '8.00.2039'
> or above then it is SP4 or type the following command from sql prompt)

> select @@version (If the application date is above May 2005, then it is
> SP4.)

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