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Connection open while running DB manager in Client system

When performing the Connection test while running the DB manager in client system in RPOS7 returns connection test failure. In client machine DB was not created due to server DB unreachable(Sql).

Observation Made:

1. LAN connection was good.When tried to ping the server by machine name it was not connected but when tried to ping by IP it was replied.
2.In cliconfg the Tcp/Ip and named pipes are also enabled.

Our DB manager always looks for server machine name.Here it can't able to fine the server machine name so it returned the connection failure. Issue is due to pinging not succeeded with server machine name.

1. In client machine navigate to System32/drivers/etc/hosts file.

2. Rename hosts file as hosts.txt and add the server machine name with server IP here at last.

3. Rename as hostfile(remove.txt).

Now try to ping by server name it will get pinging and issue get solved.

1.If we use IP instead of server name in DB manager it will create.
2. In RPOS6 it will returns SQL connection open.

Ramprakash S

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