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Could not able to get "Daily business summary" SMS alert, SMS not send, SMS not receiving,

Dear Team,

Today I faced one issue in our Customer Place.

Could 't able to get any sales alert message from RayMedi Alert in Evening session but the same is possible in Morning Session.

In our RayMedi alert, we have a option Alert -> Schedule Alerts -> Daily Business Summary.
Once we set the time (Morning & Evening) then Owner/ Staff will receive a SMS Alert regarding the "Daily business summary".

In this case Os is windows 7, its not a proper setting in Control Panel -> Regional Settings. I verified the Regional settings & I made some changes in time settings "tt hh:mm:ss" with help of Rajkumar.R. in previously its in "hh:mm:ss".

This is the reason, after I changed the time settings with "tt" string, then problem solved in customer end.

Note : "tt" means Time Marker String.

You have any doubts please see the screen shot here.

Thanks & Regards,
Muthu Chelvam.S

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