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Error No 52 Bad file name or number In Windows 7 Machine

While Open the Application "Error No 52 bad File name or number " Message was occurs in Windows 7

Cause : Can't able to create the Menulog. txt file in OS drive

Identification : While try to create the text File in C: drive the following Error was occurs


1. Open the My computer, Right-click the C Drive and then click Properties.

2. Click the Security - > Advanced- > Permission

3. Click The Change Permission

4. Enable the "Replace all Child Permission with inheritable permission from Object "

5. Click OK, and then click Yes when you receive the following message:
This will replace explicitly defined permissions on all descendants of this object with inheritable permissions from C-Drive (C:).

Do you wish to continue? Click Yes and continue

7. Once the permissions are replaced, click on Ok.

8. Now we can able to Create the Text file In C: drive

If the above steps fail then you may also want to disable UAC and check if that helps.

1. Click Start, type msconfig in the start search box, and then press Enter.

2. Click the Tools tab.

3. Double click the UAC control and minimize the control Level and apply

4. Click Ok and restart your computer to apply the change.

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