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Rpos7>>> go to tools ->configuration->Device Settings->peripheral settings->Enable Barcode Printer and Connect Using select "USB"

Rpos6>>> go to Tools ->configuration->Device Settings->peripheral settings->Enable Barcode Printer

and you go to application path edit the Bar.bat File and Put the value [TOUSB "Application sticker.txt path"]

Ex: (TOUSB "D:Program FilesRayMedi RPOS6sticker.txt")


If you Face any issue in Barcode plZ check the following check list

* Bar.BAT-----> Value-> [TOUSB "Application sticker.txt path"]

Ex: (TOUSB "D:Program FilesRayMedi RPOS 7sticker.txt")

* System32---> whether TOUSB.exe in or Not ?

(TOUSB.exe File enclosed)

* If you Use Net Use Commend for the Printer Driver. Delete the Commend

Ex: (net use lpt1: /DELETE)

(Problem is resolved)

--------------------------------------T h A n K s $4$ U s I n G---------------------------------------------------

|Support Team|

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