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"ActiveX component can't create object" err no: 429

install latest easy print patch


1. Open the folder C: - > Windows - >(enable - tools - folder option - view tab - hidden files and folders - check show hidden files and folders) search inf folder and locate the file mdac.inf.

Note: Your Windows folder could be named differently, e.g. C:WinXP

2. Right-click the file mdac.inf and click Install.

3. When prompted for a location, point to : Windows - > servicepackfiles - >i386

4. When prompted for the file handler.reg, either point to C: - > Program files - > Common
files - > System - > msadc, or put the Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM drive. (you may receive file not found error(s), click cancel and the continue with the installation)

This reinstalls (or) repairs MDAC 2.81 under Windows XP SP2.

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1. Close the RPOS application
2. Open the application path
3. Find the system folder and open it in application path
4. U can find a batch file as "run.bat". Open it
5. Click OK for every messages u receive as it registers the .dll and .ocx files to the registry
6. Now open the application and start working

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GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India
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