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Re-order Stock Level shows Error No 52

Re-order Stock Level shows Error No 52

After Re-order is generated while clicking the Screen or PrintWS button its throwing the
following error message : See the reference Screen shot

And see the Logchk Error output :

Date : 09/03/11 11:13:19 AM
ErrNo : 52
ErrMessage : Bad file name or number
ErrForm : Reorder Stock Level
ErrEvent : Prcdetail

Issue Reason : In Tools --> Configuration --> FA and Reports
Re-order Print out format options is not enabled.

see the reference screen shot :


Solution : Once we enabled the required fields in Re-order print out formats then this problem
will be solved.


Delete the MRLRpt.txt file in RayMedi 6 Application path and check out


Sivaraaj G

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