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How to execludes files and folders and RayMedi Application in Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

In order to create an Exclusion rule, perform the following actions:

· Open the main application window
· Click the Settings link
· Click Detected Threats and Exclusions in the Options section
· In the right part of the window click the Settings button in the Exclusions section
· In the Trusted zone window go to the tab Exclusion masks
· Click the Add link
· In the Exclusion rule window specify the rule’s properties: exclude an object, a threats type or both
· Click the Select object link under Rule description
· In the Object name window click the Browse button and add the file for which you are creating the rule.
Select the necessary folder with the file or enter the full path to the file
· Check the option Include subfolders if the rule is created for more than one file
· Click OK

· Next to the Threat type option click the enter threat name link, if you want to exclude a threat type
· In the Threat type window in the Specify the name/threat type mask field enter the classification type
according to the Virus encyclopedia.
· Click OK
· In the lower part of the Exclusion mask window next to Component click the any link > click select
components and define the components for which the exclusion rule will be applied
· Click OK in the windows

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