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How to execludes files and folders and RayMedi Application in ESET Antivirus/Smart Security

ESET Smart Security 4.2

1.Open the ESET Smart Security 4 - open window in system tray

2. change the Display mode from Standard to Advanced mode - click the change button and select YES to proceed

3. Check the current protection status in main window- Protection Status

Custom Configuration on Eset firewall
1.In Main window click the setup button and select the personal firewall , in the right side window select the Advanced Personal firewall setup

2. in the setup window , select personal firewall section and the right side window choose the filtering mode to Automatic mode with exceptions(user-defined rules)

3.again select the setup window and select personal firewall section and the right side window click the setup on Zone and rule editor the Rules section , click the NEW button , and provide the required port /application to be in the exclusion list.
for application -Exception - in the New rule section select the local - and browse the required Application

For port execlusion
in the New rule section select the General option set , name the rule(NT6565) and set the Direction in/out( IN) ,action=Allow, protocol=TCP then click ok and apply to confirm the settings.

Configuring the Real Time Sacn and Exclusions

In the Main window - Select Setup ---Antivirus and antispyware and the right window side select the Configure or Edit Exclusions in REAL-Time Scan system Protection
-- setup window
select the Real-time file system protection---click the ---exclusions and press the add button to update the required folders in the exclusions list.

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