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Enter username & password while connect http://localhost -how to disable?(For IIS)

In your IE Browser:

1. Go to the Top menu "Tools" -> "Internet Options".
2. Then choose the "Advanced" Tab.
3. Then Scroll all the way down and "Uncheck" the Checkbox corresponding to "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication".
4. Then Click the button that says "Apply" and then "OK".
5. Close the browser and in a new browser try localhost.


configured anonymous access permission for browse a website.

1.Open the IIS console (you can run inetmgr from the command line),

2.right click on the appropriate website/virtual directory, and click on the directory security tab.

4.If you click on you can see what sort of security the website is using.

Select Anonymous Access and try to browse your site again.

You may need to restart the IIS before any changes come into effect.

In Firefox,

1. Open firefox and type in the address bar about:config
2. type ntlm in the textbox.
3. Double click on network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and type localhost there.
4. Click on OK.



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