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Printer Spooler service not started

Unable to print the required invoices, documents,etc., in windows pc's.

Check for printers added in the printers & faxes. Installed printer drivers conflicted with the printing service. So need to remove the specific printer driver installed in the printers & faxes configuration. The problem would be with printer which would be default set.

Start the printer spooler services in services.msc, print given to the given or already print given, the printer spooler service automatically stopped.


1. Go to printers & faxes configuration option from program menu, control panel, printer-&f-axes
2. Make a note details of all the printers installed (driver name, printer name, model,etc.,)
3. Idenfity the default printer set
4. Delete that printer set as default
5. Check the printer spooler service started in services.msc
6. Still issue not solved , remove printer one by one
7. Reinstall the correct printer driver
8 . Verify it, spooler service started successfully by auto or else start manually

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