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How can we say on one side best product to grow your retail bussiness and other side u compare service ,quality or price

1. In the statement "Best product to grow with" - we are mentioning about our product - RayMedi RPOS. 2. In the next few words we are talking about the customers way of business - it can be either service oriented (kirana shops), quality (high end stores like lifestyle, globus etc.), Price (high volume-low price strategy as in many of the wholesale shops in your town). 3. What we are saying is irrespective of service, quality or price that differentiates your business our product is the best fit. For example, retailer using service as a differentiator needs telephone order, home delivery, home delivery payment tracking etc. Retailer using quality as a differentiator needs to track each product from the source of supply so that he can trace customer complaints all the way back to his supplier. Retailer using price as a differentiator needs excellent inventory management so that they can increase the number of times they rotate their inventory and investment to get good return on their investment

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