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Purchase Invoice import configuration steps(RayMedi Distributor Edition-DE)

Purchase invoice import(RayMedi DE)

Available in All NetTrade Editions(B2B, B2H, Enterprise)

Menu Details
NetTrade ->Receive->Purchase invoice import

Current Supported invoice file formats(CSV,XLS)

Purchase Invoice import ,supported 2 methods
Profile based(GSK.PRF,AIOCD.PRF...) and Fields mapping based(CSV,XLS)

STEPS to configure

1.Select the particular supplier name(fill the ID details)

2.Choose the TYPE of PROFILES

a) form profile file (pre defined formulas) ex: Aiocd.prf,Awacs.prf,GSK.prf,Lupin.prf

* select the required profile from application path(by default path Application path\InvoiceProfiles\....)
*each profiles support multiple mfr\supplier invoice
* Additional License charges applicable for each supplier, based on the NetTrade Editions
* Each Fields or Mandatory fields mapping not required
* Ready to import the invoice
* items Mapping required at the time of invoice import

b) from CSV or XLS
Click the MAP CSV\XLS\MDB button and choose the required Invoice file(xls or csv format)

Need to map all mandatory fields (indicated Fields in * and BOLD font)
For each supplier only one time , mapping required between source fields and Excel fields.
no need additional license(Product edition license enough.)

Fields Mapping Procedure
map fields between ,Source file fields and Excel fields
drag and drop the exact values or Exact fields

if any incorrect values mapped , we can remove the values using
Right click the Particular fileds and , select the CLEAR FIELDS or RESET EXCELFILEDS.
finally confirm and complete the mapping session, to click save button.

import the selected invoice

then Convert the imported invoice to Purchase using RayMedi DE

Goto Inventory Menu-Select Purchase -enter to continue
("You Have NetTrade Transaction-...YES to continue")

FIRST Row contains Header - if this HEADER details not available in your XLS or CSV file ,
use the direct values to map for both.

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