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how to Save support Time and Quick Solution (when in remote Support)

1.Ip address get (,

2.Open VNC Server ON Mode or Listen Mode (While install VNC
Register VNC server service auto start(if it is security issue do manual Start and stop,
maintain shortcut of VNCServer in Desktop)
install Operating system compatible VNC versions
upto Windows XP all versions- 1.0.2 or higher
from Vista,Windows 7,windows 2008, ..-- 1.0.8 or higher

3.Port Not Open--Due to not Forward port 5900(VNC)
Remote Desktop (3389) check with
Required service port is listen mode)

4.Firewall Enabled - Add required port/application in Exceptions.

5.Page cannot be displayed
mostly Reliance CABLE NET Connection--Not connected internet & require
to login authentication page
Note: Cable Modem Net Connection & Dial-up connection[old method 56k
modem] -All ports are open(Hathway,Reliance,tikona)
(if customer using any firewall/router device need to exclude the port or application)

6.Page cannot be displayed--BSNL,AIRTEL --with (Broad band)dial-Up
connection method Require username(Phone no) & password

7.Third party Antivirus/Firewall/Internet Security
Enable required changes while install(Add required port/application in

For exclude anti-virus info
For general info about port forward..

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