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When I am doing RegisterIP in NetTrade-Tools "Unable to connect to Internet Check your Internet Connection" error occurred

When I am doing IP Register in NetTrade, error is coming that “Unable to connect to Internet. Check your Internet Connection. "

But internet is working at outlet, and peergroup also working fine.


1. check the internet connection and browser working status

2. check your firewall connection status ON .
and exclude the RayMedi Application path ,close and re-open the application

3.Third-party anti-virus status ON and exclude the RayMedi Application path executable
(ftp.exe, ..Apache \bin \Apache.exe,NetTrade.exe..) ,close and re-open the application

4.suppose if you have, previously edited any config file in manual , kindly check it the contents.

5.check the Internet url value conf.ini file(located in application path)

Issue Handled in 4044 and above.

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