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How to 'Run as administrator'

For security reasons, Vista has been designed so that for normal operations even administrators work with ordinary user 'tokens'. When an administrator needs elevated rights, they either click 'Continue' in the UAC box, or seek the 'Run as administrator' option.

The key to this 'Run as administrator' technique is to identify the master program. My point is that while Ipconfig may report an error such as, 'The requested operation requires elevation', the problem lies with the master program, cmd.exe, and not Ipconfig. Don't blame the passenger for the sins of the driver.

Method 1: Right-click

* Right-click the master program, for example: Command Prompt.
* Select - 'Run as administrator' from the shortcut menu.
* See screenshot below.

Method 2: Ctrl +Shift +Enter

Once again find the key executable, but instead of launching it by clicking with the mouse, press this keyboard combination: Ctrl +Shift +Enter. One clue that this method has worked is that the Command Prompt's title bar says 'Administrator: Command Prompt'.

Method 3: Shortcut, AdvancedRun as administrator Windows Vista CMD Shortcut

This shortcut method is my favorite. It is a variation of method 1; the idea is to configure 'Run as administrator', not just for that one session, but permanently.

* Right-click the Command Prompt executable
* Select Properties from the drop-down menu
* Select the Shortcut (tab)
* Click on Advanced (button)
* Tick: Run as administrator
* See screenshot opposite

Vikram Bariya

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