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How to improve the Windows Performance or Why the system is slow?

The system is slow due the following reasons.

General Rule:

  • The page memory should be double the about of the RAM. For example: the Ram is 512MB then the page memory should be 1024MB.
  • Make sure the C drive is having 1 GB harddisk space free.

For Windows XP:

  • Recomended RAM is 512 MB.

Virus Scanner:

  • On analysis we found that the Norton Antivirus took more resource. Recomended RAM is 512MB RAM.
  • Alternative to the Noron Antivirus is AVG.

Other reasons could be

1.Primary drive could be too full

  • delete temp files
  • Move some unwanted files to another drive

2.Your computer could have a fragmented hard drive.

As a hard disk fills up, files are deleted and new software added, the disk becomes fragmented and the data on the drive is scattered rather than being organized into discrete areas. This causes the PC to slow down because it has to gather the data. Defragmenting might be the answer. This is just like sorting out paper in your office.

To run the defragmenter in Windows:
Goto START > Programs > accessories >system tools

3.Empty our recycle Bin.

4.Need to check the unwanted services in task manager,
and also we need to check which process is taking more cpu usage, if that process is unwanted, we need to kill that process

The default service in windows 2000 are:


5.Need to check the Ram Usage..

There are lot of free tools are available.... (somebody can suggest good tool....)

6. Hard Disk error,

Need to run Scan Disk,surface scan, to check the physical damage of HDD
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