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NTIPClient not loading properly in system tray-Run-time error 91 on NTIPClient

NTIPClient not loading properly in system tray , runtime error 91 occurred in NTIPClient

From nettrade_log.csv

"NTIPClient","E","ErrNo: -2147221231;ErrDesc:- Automation error
ClassFactory cannot supply requested class ","Form_Load;Form:- frmNTIPService","

"NTIPClient","E","ErrNo: 429;ErrDesc:- ActiveX component can't create object","GetValueFromNetTrade","",""
NTIPClient","E","Connection to NetTrade DB failed","","",""

Cause :
Some DLL,OCX Server registration problem

Register the RaySysTray.dll (file already available in system32 folder)
Regsvr32 RaySysTray.dll

For windows7/Vista/2008
open elevated CMD prompt(Runas CMD mode)

Regsvr32 RaySysTray.dll

Check the installed anti-virus update and exclude the installed application.

Fixed in version :
4046 and above.
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